Live Review: Miranda Lambert, Glasgow Clyde Auditorium 21/08/2017

There’s always love for country music in Glasgow, so even on a Monday night with extortionately priced tickets Miranda Lambert still managed to draw a decent crowd of fans keen to listen and appreciate the music. However what was a great gig has now been overshadowed by something of a social media storm, due to the abrupt ending to the show.

Starting off the evening were the support act Ward Thomas who were well received, getting the crowd clapping and singing along to their most uptempo numbers. As I’ve said before, I’m not convinced on any level that this act should be labelled ‘country’ but they are talented singers and displayed their vocal abilities well throughout the short set. They seem like nice girls and while their material is a little saccharine for my tastes I still have some hope they can blossom in the future.

As the gig filled up there was a great buzz in the crowd – loads of people wearing Highway Vagabond t-shirts and pink sunglasses (not just myself). Miranda came out to a roaring reception and played Fastest Girl in Town – she seemed to be enjoying herself and the band sounded fantastic. Kerosene lit the place up (ahem) and the crowd were singing along with this as well. Highway Vagabond had a brilliant groove to it live and Vice just gave me chills.

The tear jerkers ‘Over You’ and ‘The House that Built Me’ were beautiful (although perhaps not as perfect vocally as at C2C last year). I would happily have replaced Baggage Claim and All Kinds of Kinds with more from the new album but the crowd interaction on the latter song was genuinely lovely. Pink Sunglasses was awesome fun and I was singing and waving mine around like an idiot (sorry to anyone near me).  Ugly Lights is one of my favourite songs by Miranda period and so I was really happy this was in the set list and sounding fabulous. Following that was Mama’s Broken Heart, which got the best reaction of the night.

Then we were treated to Gwen Sebastian performing her new song ‘Cadillac‘, co-written with Miranda. This song is a real slow burner and sounded stunning live. It was such a nice touch to let Gwen have her well deserved moment in the spotlight. Miranda then came back out and we had some great Texas honky tonk with ‘Ain’t Living Long Like This’ before crowd pleasers Automatic and Little Red Wagon. There was no moment when the gig dipped for me or where you could find fault – perhaps her vocals were a little low in the mix because she has such a huge band but only occasionally was this noticeable.

At the end of White Liar Miranda thanked us and walked off the stage smiling – she did not storm off at all. The band played on for a minute or two and then left as well. At this point no one thought there was any problem and it seemed certain she would come on to do one more song. Of course that is not what happened and despite our continued cheering she did not come back. To not hear Tin Man was disappointing, I have to admit, but overall I left happy. I was just confused because I know she usually does an encore so I was worried that she might have lost her voice or was ill (which still might have been the case). Only later on social media did the uproar begin. I feel it’s only right to address some of these points, even though I want to make it clear that I personally don’t think not playing an encore is a big deal.

Firstly some tweeters suggested that the crowd had been lacklustre or not wild enough to deserve an encore. Of course it has to be noted that Miranda has never had a hit in the UK so then the crowd is either really dedicated fans who seek her music out or those just go along to see any country act. Too many of the second type of people might be why Miranda said at one point we were ‘quiet’ and she was ‘nervous’ but to me at the time it just felt like she was just giving the crowd some permission to get up and go ‘crazy’ which loads of them did (well round about where I was the crowd were into it anyway!).

I think any perceived issues with the crowd were actually down to the choice of venue. This show wasn’t sold out, so one tier of the venue wasn’t used at all which is maybe why we weren’t that loud. Part of the reason for this has to be the high cost of tickets and the unfair ‘platinum’ ticket scheme run by Ticketmaster. Also an all seating venue just doesn’t have such a good atmosphere for the kind of show Miranda puts on and at this venue the seats are quite far away from the stage. There are other smaller venues in Glasgow that have mixed seating and standing which would have suited her better. Or start small and work your way up to a bigger space like Little Big Town have done in the UK. Still I don’t see how this crowd or venue would have affected her decision to cut a gig short.

And I just can’t understand why some are reporting that Miranda is blaming the Scotland/England ‘booing’ moment, since it was such a non event. She introduced her whole band as being from ‘Scotland’ as a joke and the last guy was from ‘England’ – clearly this was going to get a humorous reaction, in this case a few boos among the cheering. Maybe she just didn’t know that the history between these nations has resulted in a good natured rivalry, mainly involving making jokes at the expense of each other.

Can I state for the record that this obviously FAKE booing lasted about two seconds before everyone cheered again. Miranda laughed and so did her guitarist in question, then she introduced herself and played some more songs. There didn’t seem to be any problem or confusion on stage. If she was genuinely upset about this then she surely would have just walked off at that moment? If she got upset afterwards then she has misunderstood the crowd completely. In the end she must have known we loved her and the band because after she went off stage EVERYONE WAS STILL CHEERING for five minutes or more, even when the house lights went up and the exit music came on.

Sadly by not doing an encore a negative feeling that didn’t even exist at the gig has now been created online. I understand people paid a lot for tickets and are disappointed but there’s no guarantee that any act will play for a certain amount of time or a certain song. And just maybe there’s another reason (or myriad of reasons) why she didn’t play the last three songs written on the set list and she doesn’t have to share them with anyone. She played eighteen songs so she doesn’t owe anyone anything. It’s upsetting to think she was crying after the gig and I just hope she puts this behind her and remembers the good parts of this night and UK tour.

So the best you can say about the end of this gig is that Miranda left the crowd wanting more. To win a following in the UK you have to tour loads and try to make connections with fans online – there is so little exposure from the UK media for the country genre. That feeling of starting from scratch can be tough for someone as successful as Miranda and the online overreaction to this evening is probably not going to help.

I really hope Miranda and her wonderful band will return to Scotland soon – maybe a fresh venue and different night of the week would be a simple way to improve the experience for everyone. There are dedicated fans here who would love another chance to see her perform.


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  1. Very interesting and sad to hear social media’s made a big fuss out of not much – I hope she’s ok and continues to tour around the UK regularly, she’s such an amazing talent and I haven’t managed to see her yet!

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  2. Miranda is always great, I agree. She was fine. People online have made up many theories just silly. I do know- SEC has a hard out time. They announced when the concert ended earlier that day online. Sadly she might have just run out of time. Anyway Miranda is an awesome artist with songs that make you feel. ❤️ Her!!

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    1. Is was due to finish at 10.30 however it finished just before approx 10.20 which is a bit unusual for a concert. Been to loads in that venue and never once have they finished early and sometimes on a bit later too.


      1. But it was a great concert, just a strange atmosphere at end. I agree wth venue may not be best for her, smaller standing venues on Glasgow would suit better. Like ABC or similar.

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  3. I took my 11 year old son to the concert we love Miranda, we jump around in my bedroom to her songs,yes we were disappointed not getting to here Tinman but she sang another 18 songs and she was brilliant,we had a ball,so miranda please don’t let the Scottish banter of ur Essex boy put you off from coming back to scotland for ur fans that adore you.xx

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  4. We had Front Circle seats and from where we sat, the sound mix just wasn’t good. Miranda’s voice was lost on all but the slow songs when the music wasn’t quite as prominent.There was no problem during Ward Thomas, they were very clear.
    I have to say both my partner and I left disappointed. It was a good show, not a great show and I guess rightly or wrongly we expected a great show from a great artist. I feel as an experienced and successful entertainer, she could have made a little more effort to engage the audience if the response isn’t what she is used to. Lots of people at the Glasgow show traveled there to see her (like we did), paid good money for transportation, hotels and tickets just like they did at the other venues and should have gotten the same quality and quantity – first concert I’ve been to with no encore which added to the disappointment.
    If the audience wasn’t with her, I’m not sure she did enough to win them over.
    IMO good not great.

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  5. I think it is awful that Miranda’s ex husband fans are trying to rile up this subject. Sad some Scot fans believe these rumors. Miranda never blamed the audience. Sometimes artist don’t play old hits, no only play stuff no one knows. Wish it was longer but she played many oldies that I love.

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  6. Great night just a bit unfair that all other venues got full set and we didn’t at end of day we alll paid same money and if it was a time thing then most current song should have been priority let’s face it all us who followed her for years 95 % wanted to here tinman and its significance
    Hope she comes back seen her twice now and think she is awesome

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  7. How do you explain the lack of acknowledgement for Glasgow and what she did do? Every other venue got a thank you on social media. If she was ill something could have been put out there. Folk who were pictured with her after the show have said it was the Scottish/English thing! I was loving it but the end took the shine off and id be wary of paying money to see her again!


    1. Yes I think it was possibly a misunderstanding about that incident or she was ill but didn’t want to admit it either way. I think the silence was because of the huge numbers of, in my opinion, over the top complaints. That probably just meant they decided to avoid commenting on the show so they didn’t open up any more negative feedback. I agree that if she comes back she will need to do some damage control – or at least cheaper tickets to try to win back some disgruntled fans. Shame really since it was a good gig until then! Xx


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