December Vinyl Haul

For this month’s vinyl shopping I decided to venture away from my usual Edinburgh haunts to seek out what the rest of Scotland’s retailers have on offer.

First of all I wanted to buy a new album I hadn’t reviewed so went along to HMV in Aberdeen to see what they had. Even though I do prefer to shop at independent record stores sometimes for convenience HMV is the only choice. I’m also happy to support the last high street music retailer.

I was excited to see the Paramore album ‘After Laughter’ on grey marble vinyl for only £15.99 so picked that one up. To me this is the cost vinyl should be – it’s ridiculous that a new album on vinyl is twice the price of a CD. The high cost is why the record companies and shops are so keen to capitalise on the vinyl revival – especially because people are buying the same albums they already own for twice the price. For me any album over £20 is way too expensive so I was glad to get this Paramore one at a decent price. I haven’t had a chance to review it yet but I will remedy that next week in my end of year round up.

For my vintage vinyl shopping this month I started at Grouchos in Dundee, a legendary shop with a great selection of vinyl, CDs and books. When I first went in I had a glance through their soul section and found a good condition copy of Touch Me in the Morning by Diana Ross. It’s a gorgeous pastel colour cover and I’m a sucker for such prettiness. I have been trying to collect as much Motown and Diana in particular so this was a nice find. I also picked up Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack which I would have got for the title track alone but actually the whole album is enjoyable seventies soul.

When vinyl shopping I have noticed how often the country section is on the floor, as though it isn’t cool enough to be on the shelf with the other music. Having to sit on the floor of a shop while you search is very annoying so this is my plea to record shops everywhere: country music fans are people too! We don’t like being relegated to the dusty floors. Anyway it was worth it as got a copy of ‘Trio’ by Dolly, Emmylou and Linda which I have been wanting for ages.

I also spotted the Christmas vinyl box (thankfully this was on a table) and while most of these were crap I did find Amy Grant’s first festive album for a pound. I also picked up Ronnie Spector’s autobiography for 50p. All in all a sweet haul.

On my travels I also stumbled across Mo Fidelity Records in Montrose, one of the newest records shops in the North East. Montrose has been running the fantastic MoFest for the last few years – a music festival supporting new and classic artists across a weekend in May so it’s nice to see a music shop opening here. What I liked about this shop is that is has a mixture of new and old releases as well as some bargains and specialist selections. The country box was on the floor though but I won’t hold it against them. I managed to get a cheap Dolly vinyl and a copy of The Bangles’ Eternal Flame on 12”. I only spent £4 which is good considering it’s Christmas and I really should be spending money on other people. This is a great wee shop and I look forward to coming back again soon.

Let me know what vinyl you have bought this month or any vinyl you get for Christmas! Merry Christmas to all my readers and hope you have a good one.

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  1. A new record shop recently opened up near me so I’ve been trying to get my hands on as many as I can.

    This month I got…

    – Wanted! The Outlaws
    – Merle Haggard – Mama Tried
    – Dwight Yoakam – Guitars, Cadillacs…etc

    My family also got me ‘Trophy’ on vinyl as well for Christmas 😀

    I’ve also had my eye on Rhiannon Giddens’ ‘Freedom Highway’ at a local book store for awhile now so I’m buying it the next chance I get…

    I like this feature btw! Cool grab with the ‘Trio’ album. As a fan I always find I love the music more when I have a physical product of some sort.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your finds ! I haven’t gotten into the whole vinyl revival deal yet. We do have a lot of the records we grew up with, mostly that our parents bought in the 1950s-70s. We also have a few Edison records from our grandparents (1910s-20s), but no way to play those. They’re not the “Amberola” cylinders, but the thick vinyl that came after. I need to take the time to check out digitized versions of these, such as the following: Thinking of the “Trio” album you mention, Mark O’Connor played fiddle on that, and his family band regularly includes a cover song from that project in live sets.

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