Album Review: Beth Bombara – Evergreen

Beth Bombara’s new album Evergreen was named after a cabin in the Rocky Mountains where she went to escape after a hard touring schedule. There the seeds of this album began to grow – she has described how songs came to her as naturally as how ‘trees exhale oxygen’. Trees also appear on the cover of this album, with a bright yellow patch of colour behind them. The songs on this album reflect those images – rootsy and raw with a ray of light shining through.
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Album Review: Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook

Karine Polwart has an artist’s eye for detail, a poet’s way with words and a classic folk singer’s voice. Following on from the powerful Wind Resistance project and Laws of Motion album, to release a collection of covers might seem like an odd turn to the lighter side of music. This new album came from a live show at the International Festival where she performed a number of contemporary Scottish songs, in celebration of our country’s talented songwriters. Rest assured this is not karaoke – these songs have been carefully chosen and majestically arranged. Polwart asks us to think about how songs gain meaning by connecting them to the place they come from. Continue reading “Album Review: Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook”

Album Review: Jade Jackson – Wilderness

In a recent article for The Bluegrass Situation, Jade Jackson spoke about the central theme of her new album: ‘Loneliness is something I’ve experienced as long as I can remember…I naturally gravitated toward music that evoked that feeling and when I started writing and creating art, it was my biggest inspiration.Wilderness take us to some lonely places, exploring her inner turmoil and channeling her influences to create an emotionally cathartic collection of songs. Continue reading “Album Review: Jade Jackson – Wilderness”

Album Review: Runaway June – Blue Roses

Country trio Runaway June are comprised of Naomi Cooke on lead vocals and guitar; Hannah Mulholland on vocals and mandolin and Jennifer Wayne on vocals and guitar. The girls have become the first all female trio to gain two country top 40 hits in a decade and their new album Blue Roses is released in the same month as their name – a fitting choice for a light and fun summer album of sweet country pop. Continue reading “Album Review: Runaway June – Blue Roses”

Album Review: Erin Durant – Islands

The sunny side of the street is where we meet Erin Durant, a musician who hails from New Orleans and now lives in New York. She attracted attention when the New York Times wrote about how she likes to transport a real piano to all her shows. Such authentic attention to detail tells you much about this intriguing artist. Her music is hushed indie folk, a simple dream that takes you on the most lovely journey to the Islands. Continue reading “Album Review: Erin Durant – Islands”

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