Album Review: Ashley McBryde – Girl Going Nowhere

Any woman being signed to a major Nashville record label is positive progress for the genre, especially when they are a talented songwriter like Arkansas native Ashley McBryde. Her single ‘A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega’ has even begun to slowly move upwards on the country charts, which really is something to celebrate in this current climate of bro country dominating the genre. McBryde has supported Miranda Lambert and worked with Eric Church, both of whom understand how to sell quality music to the masses, in the face of the trend towards pop country. Her new album ‘Girl Going Nowhere’ follows in their country rock footsteps, showcasing her powerful vocals and classic songwriting style. Continue reading “Album Review: Ashley McBryde – Girl Going Nowhere”

Album Review: Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour

The clear blue sky on the cover of the new album from Kacey Musgraves signals a bright and hopeful new beginning both musically and personally. After getting married last year Kacey naturally began to write more love songs, leaving behind the wry humour of her previous albums. The songs on Golden Hour are quietly introspective, creating a comfortable hazy bliss to get lost in. Continue reading “Album Review: Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour”

Album Review: Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain

In his famous commencement speech to Syracuse University writer George Saunders said, ‘As a goal in life you could do worse than: try to be kinder.’ Of course, he explained, kindness can be hard. We are inherently selfish beings. But if you fail to be kind to others your life will be filled with regret. Such truths form the central theme to the new record ‘May Your Kindness Remain’ by Courtney Marie Andrews. Drawing on gospel and soul influences these beautiful songs could lift the hate from even the coldest heart. Continue reading “Album Review: Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain”

E.P. Review: Savannah Conley – Twenty-Twenty

Americana super producer Dave Cobb agreed to work with 21 year old Savannah Conley after only hearing her play a third of a song. Cobb believed immediately in her talent and potential, saying, “She really reminds me of a southern Mazzy Star and I was blown away with her lyrics.” No pressure, then. This Cobb produced EP is only three songs long but has enough quality to suggest that Conley can live up to the high expectations. Continue reading “E.P. Review: Savannah Conley – Twenty-Twenty”

Album Review: Ashley Campbell – The Lonely One

For women in country music in 2018 there appears to be two distinct paths to success: embrace pop trends in the hope of gaining one of the very rare slots available on radio or plough a more alternative Americana furrow in the hope of gaining credibility as an independent artist. The problem then is what happens to women who fall somewhere in between the two worlds. Ashley Campbell has a natural poppy style but like Kacey Musgraves before her, she embraces tradition and actually plays instruments. Where she fits in the industry is hard to say but The Lonely One is a fun and varied listen, showcasing a promising talent who deserves to be recognised on her own merit. Continue reading “Album Review: Ashley Campbell – The Lonely One”

Album Review: Iona Fyfe – Away From My Window

Iona Fyfe is from Huntly in the North East of Scotland and has been performing folk music since she was a young child. Her debut album Away From My Window is a mix of traditional folk songs, interpretations of modern Scottish songwriters, as well as self-penned work and showcases her stunning vocal talent throughout. Still only twenty years old, Iona has been balancing full time study with her music commitments and was recently awarded the Alasdair Gray Bursary which helped to fund this project. Continue reading “Album Review: Iona Fyfe – Away From My Window”

Album Review: Lucy Dacus – Historian

Famous humorist David Sedaris keeps a daily diary and once heard someone recommend the ritual because ‘after a while you stop being forced and pretentious and become honest and unafraid of your thoughts.” After listening to this new album from Lucy Dacus it was no surprise to discover that she is also an obsessive journal writer. This dedication to documenting her own history has made her a fearless lyricist and on Historian these words are illuminated by an equally fierce and uncompromising sound. Continue reading “Album Review: Lucy Dacus – Historian”

Album Review: Hannah Read – Way Out I’ll Wander

Scottish musician Hannah Read now lives in Brooklyn but on her new album Way Out I’ll Wander she keeps her sounds intimate and rootsy rather than reflecting the bright lights of the city. Listening to her music you feel like you’re walking in the gloaming, along a moorland path somewhere far from civilisation. The simple black and white cover conveys the stark beauty of the folk music contained within this album. Continue reading “Album Review: Hannah Read – Way Out I’ll Wander”

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