Album Review: Juliana Hatfield – Weird

I first started listening to Juliana Hatfield when I was thirteen, when I didn’t know who I was quite yet but I knew who I didn’t want to be, and what kind of music I didn’t want to listen to. I hated anything perfect, anything normal – I gravitated towards the damaged, the delicate, the fragile, the odd. I heard something in Juliana’s music that spoke to that loner soul I had inside of me. Twenty five years later and I still feel the same.

In the last two years we’ve been lucky enough to have two brilliant new Juliana albums released – the politically charged Pussycat and her tribute to her own childhood idol Olivia Newton John. The third album in as many years is more personal, concerned with what it means to be a little Weird. Continue reading “Album Review: Juliana Hatfield – Weird”

Album Review: Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton John

Last year Juliana Hatfield released the bruising and brilliant album Pussycat (read my review here), exploring the bitter realities of the world right now. The only light relief on the album was the song Sunny Somewhere which dreamed of escaping to a happier place. Juliana ended up finding that paradise by retreating into the music of her childhood hero, Olivia Newton John and after seeing her in concert she decided to record a tribute album. This collection is a pure celebration of the joy of pop music, a love letter from one incredible woman to another. Continue reading “Album Review: Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton John”

Album Review: Juliana Hatfield – Pussycat

Juliana Hatfield once portrayed an angel on the best goddamn teen show of all time and sang sweetly about living on purity of soul. But that was over twenty years ago – now she’s down here with the rest of us, experienced in the bitter realities of life. Her blistering new album Pussycat is full of horror about politics, relationships and the cruel world we find ourselves in. Continue reading “Album Review: Juliana Hatfield – Pussycat”

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