EP Review: Tiffany Williams – I’ll Be Back Soon

Tiffany Williams released her wonderful debut EP When You Go in 2019, a collection of songs which explored her Kentucky roots as a coal miner’s daughter. Her follow up I’ll Be Back Soon is another EP of heartbreakingly beautiful songs, about doomed relationships and shattered dreams.

Opening song If I Wasn’t is a devastating duet with Jonathan Dean, exploring the pain and confusion of a break up. She asks for an explanation, a reason for why things went wrong, ‘why did you tell me it was love, if it wasn’t…if it wasn’t enough.’ The vulnerability and sadness in way she repeats the words is enough to make you weep.

We then head into the mountains of East Kentucky on You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive featuring Darrell Scott. Like her previous EP this song conveys the hardship and difficult history of such a rural way of living.

The pain of separation and dashed hopes are further explored on Ticket to the Moon, where she tries to find meaning in lost love, creating a haunting musical atmosphere. The gentle folk and Americana roots of these songs help underline the suffering and weight behind her words.

On final song California the emotional and physical damage caused by the destructive relationship are laid bare, sung with an intimate and raw intensity. The tone is of resigned wisdom, only won through the cruel luck of fate.

Living is hard, brutal even, but with music as powerful and true as this EP we can at least weather the storm in good company.

BUY: https://tiffanymwilliams.com/store

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