Dream Setlist for a Miranda Lambert ‘Eras’ Tour

On her recent appropriately titled ‘Eras’ tour, Taylor Swift has been blazing a trail for how to curate a setlist that appeals to your hardcore fan base while also appeasing those who may just have been dragged along and only know the hits.

Taylor has split her setlist into ‘eras’, playing a selection of tracks from every album (except her debut) in sections, totalling 44 songs from her ten albums. To keep things interesting she includes two random song choices near the end of her set. The running time of the show is about three hours fifteen minutes, rivalling even Springsteen for stamina.

What’s great about this idea is that unlike a Greatest Hits show or a show that focuses on a new or old album, Taylor is clearly trying to celebrate her back catalogue by honouring the fans who have been with her since the beginning and those who have invested time in her discography. She knows she can’t make everyone happy (that would involve her performing every song, from every album on a loop for the rest of her life only stopping to break up with a new boyfriend and write new songs) but she’s doing her best in the way only Taylor can.

And so I got to thinking about some other artists who I’d love to see do an eras-style setlist. Miranda Lambert is the obvious choice to me since she’s my favourite but also because she has enough albums to make it interesting.

If you want to play along and make your own dream Miranda setlist then here are the adapted rules:

⁃ 44 songs in total split into ten sections

⁃ No more than seven songs from one album

⁃ Include at least one song from each eight solo albums. Choices should be grouped together by album but don’t have to be in the original track list order or order of album release date.

⁃ Include one section of Pistol Annies songs

⁃ Include one section with two random songs of your choice, which can be from any album or include collaborations or potential cover songs.

Read my choices below and let me know what you’d pick for a dream setlist if you were heading to the Miranda Eras tour!


1. Kerosene

2. New Strings

3. Greyhound Bound for Nowhere

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

4. Dry Town

5. More Like Her

6. Guilty in Here

7. Gunpowder and Lead


8. Only Prettier

9. Me and Your Cigarettes

10. Heart Like Mine

11. The House that Built Me

12. That’s the Way the World Goes Round

Four the Record

13. Mama’s Broken Heart

14. Dear Diamond

15. Fastest Girl in Town


16. Little Red Wagon

17. Automatic

18. Bathroom Sink

The Weight of these Wings

19. Runnin’ Just in Case

20. Ugly Lights

21. You Wouldn’t Know Me

22. Use My Heart

23. Tin Man

24. For the Birds

25. Vice


26. Pretty Bitchin

27. Tequila Does

28. Dark Bars

29. Track Record

30. Bluebird

Random Songs

31. The Wind’s Just Gonna Blow

32. Crazy (Patsy Cline cover)

Pistol Annies

33. Hell on Hells

34. Trailer for Rent

35. Hush Hush

36. Girls Like Us

37. Best Years of My Life

38. Got My Name Changed Back

39. Interstate Gospel


40. If I Was a Cowboy

41. In His Arms

42. Waxahachie

43. Geraldene

44. Carousel

This are just my personal favourites and I’d love to know yours so please make your own list and add it to the comments!

I plan to also write an era setlist for Dolly Parton so watch this space for that one!

One thought on “Dream Setlist for a Miranda Lambert ‘Eras’ Tour

Add yours

  1. Kerosene
    1. Kerosene
    2. New strings
    3. There’s a wall
    4. Me and Charlie talking
    5. Greyhound bound for nowhere
    Crazy ex-girlfriend
    6. More like her
    7. Famous in a small town
    8. Desperation
    9. Gunpowder and lead
    10. That’s the way that the world goes round
    11. Heart like mine
    12. The house that built me
    13. Dead flowers
    14. Virginia bluebell
    15. White liar
    Four the record
    16. Baggage claim
    17. Mama’s broken heart
    18. Over you
    19. Holding on to you
    20. Girls
    21. Automatic
    The weight of these wings
    22. Things that break
    23. Tin man
    24. Smocking jacket
    25. Highway vagabond
    26. Vice
    27. Tequila does
    28. Settling down
    29. Dark bars
    30. Bluebird
    Random songs
    31. Scars (Collin Raye cover)
    32. Crazy (Patsy Cline cover)
    Pistol Annies
    33. Hell on heels
    34. Boys from the south
    35. Takin’ pills
    36. Interstate gospel
    37. Cheyenne
    38. Hush hush
    39. Actin’ up
    40. Geraldene
    41. In his arms
    42. Waxahachie
    43. If I was a cowboy
    44. Carousel

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