Album Review: Darci Carlson – Darci Carlson

If you like your country music full of attitude and rebel yells then look no further than Seattle singer Darci Carlson. She’s an outlaw, in the true sense of the word: mad, bad and dangerous to know. Maybe some might think it’s an act but this self titled album proves she has enough authentic personality to burn down any room. These nine songs make for an enjoyable riot of a listen.

Rat City Bound feels like the opening song of a set at your favourite honky tonk dive bar on an evening that will no doubt end up with a floor full of smashed glass and a face full of black eyes (and that’s just the band). Outlaw Women is a rollicking cover of the Hank Williams Jr song, celebrating all the bad girls who don’t give a fuck about how society sees them. The song fits perfectly on the album spiritually and musically.

Let’s be clear about one thing though – Darci doesn’t need Hank Jr to write her an anthem since she’s more than capable of creating her own. Wild, Reckless and Crazy is a raw and razor edged performance, which in a better world might have had a chance of being a Redneck Woman type country hit. It’s got that true outlaw spirit that those on music row can only dream about.

And this girl isn’t a one trick pony either as To The Moon And Back suggests she can sing a love song just the same as a hellraiser. I’d also love to hear her rip an old school country heartbreaker ballad too – she has the soul and gutsy voice to pull it off.

Don’t Call Me Baby is a great slice of piano rockabilly and when I listen to this whole album I just get the itch to see her sing these live because the energy just drips from every song and you know she’d kill it on stage.

Indian Summer has that heartbreaking country pedal steel in it and along with Surrender, shows a more vulnerable side to her persona. W.R.C. is a reprise of Wild Reckless and Crazy, slower more introspective in style. It fades out, full of sadness, sounding like regret. Debauchery and sin might only lead to one place but hey didn’t a wise man once say it’s better to burn out than fade away?

Darci won ‘Female Outlaw of the Year’ at the Ameripolitan Awards last year and you hope she can continue to gain attention with this new album. So take a spin in her wagon, you’re bound to have the best fucking night of your life.


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