Album Review: Sarah Klang – Creamy Blue

Self confessed ‘saddest girl in Sweden’ Sarah Klang has previously toured with First Aid Kit and mixes vintage pop influences with her love of all things Americana. Her new album ‘Creamy Blue’ is a selection of sumptuous and beautiful songs that you can’t help falling for.

The album begins with 11:11, showcasing her cinematic style full of lush, orchestral strings. There’s something very sixties in her sound, although you can also hear modern influences like Lana Del Rey in her vocal tone and delivery on songs like Endless Sadness. Much like Lana the quiet confessional tone to the lyrics adds weight to these songs which gives them more depth than your average pop ballads.

New Day Coming has a ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ inspired opening, which is fitting since Sarah has covered that song live. As a singer she has the kind of uplifting spirit that Mama Cass would be proud of. In the video she’s dressed as part Dolly Parton cowgirl, part Stevie Nicks superhero and her infectious vivacity shines through in every note.

The ballads on this album are lovely too. Call Me is a romantic hazy heartbreaker that cuts deep. You can hear her Americana influences more on the poignant It’s Been Heaven Knowing You and Secret Life, which shimmer with nostalgic beauty.

I’m way up in the stars, she sings on The Music Never Stopped and that sums up heavenly delights on this album. Title track ‘Creamy Blue’ finishes the album on a dramatic, emotional flourish which is to die for. And she got the name from a cheese which is pretty cool and shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously either.

Creamy Blue is a delicious treat from start to finish. Catch Sarah playing her UK live debut at The Lexington on December 3rd and touring across Europe.

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