Album Review: Senora May – All of My Love

Last year Senora May decided to record an album of love songs in response to the pandemic and an increasingly divided world. “I was sick of all the hate I saw people spewing,’ she said in a recent interview, perfectly summing up how many of us feel about the overwhelmingly toxic online (and offline) spaces we have found ourselves existing in. All of My Love is a welcome antidote to the chaos and a reminder that love and music are all we really need to get by.

These songs are inspired by her love of Nina Simone and big band music as much as Americana, with this rich set of influences taking the listener in unexpected directions. Opening song Intertwine is a haunting, plaintive call of love and understanding from a distance mountain top.

Her music evokes the air and the light of the Kentucky countryside where she lives, rather than the dirt of the earth. Title track All of My Love is filled with joy and desire, and yet balanced with a sense of reality about marriage and how to keep your individual identity within a couple.

No Sweeter Thing adds some brass, bringing a sense of Mardi Gras fun and celebration. Naturally is softer, more intimate, layering ethereal sounds together beautifully.

Jessica Lea Mayfield’s production really complements these songs, helping their original and unique musical landscapes come to life. Mayfield also adds her vocals to the atmospheric Colors and Lookin’ For A Fight, a song about overcoming the problems of domestic harmony and drinking too much.

Dogs of Mexico tells complex truths about separation, longing and what it means to be connected with another human being. What could have been a simple acoustic number grows into something more transcendental by the end of the song.

Inventive, imaginative and inspiring All of My Love is a sweet, sweet tonic to troubled times.


Interview with The Influences:

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