Album Review : Melissa Carper – Ramblin’ Soul

Melissa Carper released her impressive solo album ‘Daddy’s Country Gold’ last year, capturing a vintage western swing style that never once sounded old. Her new album ‘Ramblin’ Soul’ continues on her journey through the past, taking us on a memorable tour of the best of old country, swing, jazz and soul.

Her band sound special throughout and she’s backed up on vocals by some familiar favourites like Kyshona Armstrong and Sierra Ferrell.

The title track is an ode to the freedom offered by her troubadour lifestyle, but it’s equally as much a hymn to the many different styles of music she encapsulates so well.

Ain’t A Day Goes By is a soulful swoon which sounds like its straight off the best vintage jukebox you’ve ever heard in your life. She dedicates the song to her dog ‘Miss Betty Boo’ which is absolutely perfect – I need more country heartbreakers about favourite dogs please.

Irreverent humour helps to keep this old style sounding fresh on ‘Zen Buddha’, ‘Boxers on Backwards’ and ‘1980 Dodge Van’.

A rebellious, independent spirit is clear on ‘I Do What I WANNA’ (with added caps lock just in case you doubted her) and her cover of Odetta’s ‘Hit or Miss’.

From What I Recall’ leans more into the jazz inspired sound of vintage country music, her distinctive voice reminding you of so many of the greats.

Hanging on to You’ was written by another blog favourite Brennen Leigh, and it’s a brilliantly uplifting way to finish this enjoyable album.

Stylish, swinging and full of soul, Melissa Carper has perfected her sound. Catch this ‘Ramblin’ Soul’ if you can.


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