On Music & Materialism

Last week musical platform Bandcamp waived fees on their site, allowing artists the entire profit of sales from downloads, physical music and merchandise. In the face of the worldwide collapse of the live music industry and the closure of record stores this was a way to directly support artists and contribute something to the economy of the music industry in a positive way – if you could afford it that is.

As I logged onto my social media feed and saw the infinite number of tweets asking people to buy music I felt more than a little overwhelmed. Consumerism and the demands to constantly buy, buy, buy is one aspect of the music industry which can be difficult to deal with at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. Continue reading “On Music & Materialism”

Download ‘Dead Horses – Live From The Vinyl Emergency Podcast’ & Raise Money for a Worthy Cause

I wrote a little about the excellent podcast Vinyl Emergency last year when they released their first ‘Live From…’ E.P. featuring the awesome Lydia Loveless. Each podcast episode includes an interview with an artist or someone in the music industry where they discuss their relationship with vinyl as a format, as well as their careers in general. Some of the previous guests include Lilly Hiatt, Rosanne Cash and an interesting recent episode featured the head of Discogs vinyl community. The latest instalment is a chat with duo Dead Horses, who have also released this short but sweet live E.P. recorded during their Vinyl Emergency interview. Continue reading “Download ‘Dead Horses – Live From The Vinyl Emergency Podcast’ & Raise Money for a Worthy Cause”

E.P. Review: Lydia Loveless – Live from the Vinyl Emergency Podcast


Vinyl Emergency is a podcast presented by Jim Hanke which discusses the importance of vinyl records with a host of different artists, music industry people and collectors. Previous guests have included Rosanne Cash, The Secret Sisters and Lilly Hiatt talking about topics such as their childhood memories of music right through to their thoughts on the recent vinyl resurgence. The latest episode features Lydia Loveless and the three tracks she played live during the show have also been released as an EP called Live From the Vinyl Emergency Podcast. Continue reading “E.P. Review: Lydia Loveless – Live from the Vinyl Emergency Podcast”

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