Download ‘Dead Horses – Live From The Vinyl Emergency Podcast’ & Raise Money for a Worthy Cause

I wrote a little about the excellent podcast Vinyl Emergency last year when they released their first ‘Live From…’ E.P. featuring the awesome Lydia Loveless. Each podcast episode includes an interview with an artist or someone in the music industry where they discuss their relationship with vinyl as a format, as well as their careers in general. Some of the previous guests include Lilly Hiatt, Rosanne Cash and an interesting recent episode featured the head of Discogs vinyl community. The latest instalment is a chat with duo Dead Horses, who have also released this short but sweet live E.P. recorded during their Vinyl Emergency interview.

Dead Horses are singer Sarah Vos and bassist Daniel Wolff from Wisconsin who have released two previous albums. Personally I was unfamiliar with this act before settling down to listen but I trusted this podcast was going to have guests that were up my street and I was not wrong! Dead Horses play my favourite kind of indie folk music: quiet and melodic with a great female voice.

In the excellent interview, topics range from religion to the Carter family to Napster and Pearl Jam. What makes this podcast unique are the questions geared towards vinyl and it was really interesting to hear both interviewees’ different history and relationship with the format.

The two songs on the E.P. come from their most recent album ‘My Mother The Moon’, which was released earlier this year. Darling Dear is a beautiful acoustic number about how ‘it’s okay to be happy’ and hey, we all need songs like this right now. The second song is utterly perfect for this podcast since it is called Turntable and uses vinyl as an extended metaphor for your heart. These intimate live versions really capture something special.

As soon as I finished the podcast I immediately listened to their album (and I am enjoying it right now while I write this). Releasing these songs as an E.P. on Bandcamp is a great introduction to an act like this and what’s even better is that the proceeds go to a charity of their choice (in this case RAICES, a refugee charity based in Texas).

So I highly recommend you subscribe to the podcast and click the link below to purchase the Dead Horses E.P. if you can.

Purchase the E.P.:

Subscribe to Vinyl Emergency Podcast:

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