Song Review: I’m With Her – ‘Call My Name’

Witnessing the pure perfection of Aoife O’Donovan, Sarah Jarosz and Sara Watkins live on stage was one of my musical highlights of 2018 and so it is with great delight and relief I can report that the I’m With Her collaboration is set to continue into 2019. The band have announced a series of live dates and released a brand new song ‘Call My Name’.

To have this new track so soon after their album See You Around (one of my favourites of last year) is a real cause for celebration, as supergroups of solo artists like this can often be a temporary arrangement at the mercy of scheduling, so it is really wonderful to see the trio are committed to a future together (in 2019 at least).

What is intriguing about ‘Call My Name’ is that the band are now comfortable enough to start pushing their sound in subtle new directions. While the glorious mix of their three voices is still central to the song, the production moves away from a strictly folk sound. Working with producer Mike Elizondo has given them freedom to let their natural sound evolve into something more hazily dream-like in texture.

The song is about the ever changing nature of relationships and how sometimes being there for someone is the simplest, most important thing you can do. Call my name, tell me your worries…call my name, when the world is upside down, I’ll still be around. That mix of uncertainty and affection which exists in every relationship is conveyed perfectly.

In an interview with Consequence of Sound, Aoife recently discussed how the song was influenced by The Shangri-Las, whose dramatic songs and stylish delivery set them apart from other girl groups of the era. “I remember mentioning the old track from the sixties “Leader of the Pack” (which was the first song I ever sang at Karaoke at the age of 9). It starts with a solo female voice humming to herself before the groove drops. It was a definite influence on what we ended up with,” she explained. Such influences show that these three musicians are willing to look beyond their usual folk and Americana reference points to create a distinctive ‘I’m With Her’ sound.

Call My Name is a hypnotically bewitching song. Listen and you will surely find some comfort here.

I’m With Her are playing shows in the US right through this year and return to the U.K. to play London in May. Don’t miss them.

You can listen to ‘Call My Name’ on my Weekly playlist below, which also includes my favourite songs from the Grammy nominations as well as new releases I have recently reviewed. Check it out:

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