Album Review: Kalyn Fay – Good Company

Oklahoma songwriter Kalyn Fay has worked with artists like Kaia Kater and Carter Sampson and is now releasing her second album Good Company – a collection of songs she calls a ‘love letter to the place I have known best’. The album contains delicate Americana-inspired songs about home, travel, self-discovery and change, showcasing Fay’s wonderfully wise voice.

Title track Good Company is a song about accepting yourself, having a realistic view of life and knowing what you want. She doesn’t ask for much, just ‘something to love’ and a chance to settle down with some good company. It sounds like a pretty perfect dream to me and her thoughtful lyricism is really engaging from the start.

The album also deals with the idea of travel and searching for yourself. Musically most of these songs are gentle and understated – a quiet sigh to match her voice. On Wait For Me she is out rambling on the road, hoping those left behind will wait for her. Maybe she has ‘no place to go, nowhere to run’, like on Highway Driving but this restless spirit has brought her the songs she has been searching for.

The place she is from is another central concern of the album, having recently moved away from her native Oklahoma to study. So Oklahoma Hills is a song about homesickness and reassessing the place she once belonged to. On Fool’s Heartbreak, she hopes for a divine signal to guide her future. Faint Memory embraces change and Alright in the End shows the hopeful spirit inside these songs.

Overall this album is a real grower so give yourself some time to really get to know Kalyn Fay and her music. After all what more do you need in life than a good album and some Good Company?

Have a listen here:

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