Album Review: Tessy Lou Williams – Tessy Lou Williams

Tessy Lou Williams is an Austin based country singer whose roots in music stretch back through her childhood and family history. She grew up in Montana, living in a small town called Willow Creek with her parents who were also musicians. Her country music credentials are therefore authentic and inform the traditional sound of the record. The cover image with the mountains in the background, the acoustic guitar held close to her heart, tells you where this album lives both musically and spiritually.

From the opening song Your Forever Will Never Say Goodbye we are swept into a golden era sound with the sweep of the fiddle, crying pedal steel and a voice that spins pure heartbreak.

Country music like this belongs in dark bars and on beer stained dancefloors, with songs like Why Do I Still Want You and Someone’s Drinking About You the perfect soundtrack to drowning your sorrows. Round and Round takes the tempo up as we head out on a Saturday night for a little drinking, dancing and fighting – just your typical honky tonk heaven (and hell).

The stand out song on the album is Mountain Time in Memphis, which she wrote with Jerry Salley. Melody and memory intertwine in a gorgeous song about being haunted by a place and a person from your past.

She pays tribute to her parents by covering their song Someone Lonely, with her dad on backing vocals – classic country shuffles of loneliness and pain never go out of style. The final song on the album is a stunning cover of Pathway of Teardrops, which she first heard performed at Nashville’s legendary Station Inn venue.

Traditional country music and its legacy is safe in the hands of talented Tessy Lou Williams. Waltz away with this one.


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