Favourite Albums & Songs of 2017 So Far

It’s half way through the year so thought I would do a round up post of my favourite albums and songs so far. This may change as the year goes on, as things fall away or reignite and as new albums are released but here are my thoughts right now.

Hurray for the Riff Raff – The Navigator

This is a piece of politically-charged art which connects on a human and emotional level. And the music is utterly gorgeous. (ALBUM REVIEW)

Angaleena Presley – Wrangled

Dreams might not come true but this album proves that failure always sounds better. (ALBUM REVIEW)

Valerie June – Order of Time

To listen to this album is like being in a dream, it sounds so original and beautiful. (ALBUM REVIEW)

Lillie Mae – Forever and Then Some

It’s a sign of a great album when you find yourself looking forward to walking to work just so you can listen to it. (ALBUM REVIEW)

Nikki Lane – Highway Queen

Well it’s so good, I named my blog after it. (ALBUM REVIEW)


Favourite Songs From Other Albums I Love

Rhiannon Giddens – We Could Fly

Seeing Rhiannon live was incredible and when she sang this song I wept. A ballad inspired by slave narratives. (Album Review)

Land of Talk- This Time

A beautifully uplifting song about trying to find a positive outlook on life (Album Review)

Sunny Sweeney – Bottle By My Bed

This country heartbreaker about longing for a child shows how important being honest is in songwriting, yes it hurts but the end result is transformative. (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Wild Reeds – Only Songs

I don’t understand how this band aren’t massive. To me, this is a genuine indie pop classic. The only thing that saves me are the songs I sing, baby (ALBUM REVIEW) 

Feist – Only Party

This is the kind of noisy love song that everyone should listen to. (Album Review)

Lizzie No – Centralia 

Sometimes I find myself humming this song randomly – this lovely indie folk song really stays with you (Album Review)

Tanika Charles – Soul Run

A spin on the break-up song which just makes you want to dance with the joy of being free (Album Review)

Holly Macve – Heartbreak Blues

I love the sound of Holly’s voice and the originality of her style. UK country as it should be done. (Album Review)

Jade Jackson – Finish Line

This girl has star quality and I love this song, it has a real authentic country feel to its lyricism and sound (Album Review)

Paramore – Fake Happy

This is my favourite song of the year from an album I haven’t reviewed. Like all the best ‘big’ bands before them who have crossed over to pop they’ve kept their true heart in this song, despite its epic scale and commercial appeal. Hayley is a fan of Jason Isbell and you can’t help but feel the influence of his honest lyricism is evident on this album. Hard Times is also awesome. Fake Happy is song for the digital age, for any age. It’s the emo pop song you didn’t know you needed. Listen here. 


Let me know what female artists you’ve been listening to in 2017!

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