Most Popular Reviews of 2017

This is an end of year round up post with links to my top ten most read reviews across 2017. Thank you for reading.

10. Lizzie No – Hard Won

Lizzie is an artist that I stumbled over on Twitter from an NPR music post and I’m so glad I did as I really love this album. Sometimes blogs tend to cover a lot of the same music so I think it’s really important to seek out new artists and try to be as diverse as you can. Also after listening to Lizzie I also discovered her friend and collaborator Caroline Reese whose EP I reviewed as well.

9. Gwen Sebastian – Once Upon A Time in the West: Act I

This album has some fantastic classic country music heartbreakers that are really worth listening to, especially Cadillac and I’m Not With the Band.

8. Margo Price – All American Made

I spent more time writing this review than anything else on the blog, except my Tammy Wynette post, so I am just really happy that people have read it. Also the Mary Beard lecture I refer to has now been published as a book called ‘Women and Power: A Manifesto’, something which is definitely worth adding to your ‘to be read’ pile.

7. Angaleena Presley – Wrangled

This is one of the first reviews I published and is still one of my favourites. Mainly because when the music is this good writing about it becomes easy. Seeing her live was also one of the highlights of my year.

6. Joana Serrat – Dripping Springs

As a reviewer my instinct is to analyse the lyrics of an album but then sometimes you hear a record like this and find yourself utterly transported by the soundscapes alone. I almost fell into a trance or a dream when I was listening and writing. I think this is a popular review because the album hasn’t been written about much elsewhere. That is one of the main reasons why blogging is so important – we need to get out there and share good music with as many people as we can because not every artist has money behind them for wide promotion and coverage.

5. PP Arnold – The Turning Tide

This lost album from the sixties was finally released in 2017 and is a real treat from start to finish. I’ve always been a fan of PP Arnold so I was delighted to finally get to hear this album and review it.

4. Raye Zaragoza – Fight For You

Raye is a promising talent who is flying under the radar so I’m really pleased this review has been read so much. I discovered her thanks to the Pledge Music page and listened to her song about the North Dakota pipeline protests because I am always interested in political folk singers. I’m looking forward to hearing what she does next.

3. Julie Fowlis – Alterum

I am really happy this review has been read so much because I love this album and want to support local musicians as much as possible.

2. Lucinda Williams – This Sweet Old World

Of all the writing I have ever done I am most proud of this review. So thanks to all who read and shared it.

1. Miranda Lambert Live Review, Glasgow

I actually have only written this one gig review across the whole year, mainly because when I’m at a show I like to just enjoy myself. However after Miranda cut her gig short in Glasgow there was such a ridiculous negative online overreaction that I felt it was my duty to review the gig.  I confess I am an obsessive Miranda stan, but I hope I was balanced and honest in my writing about the show.

I’m really pleased with how varied this top ten is, so thanks to everyone who has read and shared my posts in 2017. Here’s to 2018!

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