Favourite Songs of 2018 So Far

Having reviewed over fifty albums and EPs this year it might seem like a tough decision to choose a list of your favourite songs from such a variety of releases but actually this is a pretty easy one. Somehow the more you listen to music the more certain songs rise to the surface and stay there.

I have put these into a top ten list but be aware that I might change my mind about the order of these songs as soon as they are posted so don’t be surprised if they change by the end of the year (although number one will be hard to shift). Please click on the titles to read the original reviews.

1) Belly – Human Child

If you have an involuntary breakdown when first listening to a song then you know it’s more than a little special. I waited twenty years to hear a new one from Belly and this song will be with me for life.

2) Lucy Dacus – Night Shift

Six minutes of heartbreak in a cathartic grunge style that feels so vivid and vital.

3) Florence & The Machine – Hunger

This is the only song here whose album I have yet to review but I couldn’t leave it out. The opening lines are some of the most personal I have heard from any mainstream artist in the last few years and the song is just epic in scope and sound.

4) Lindi Ortega – Lovers in Love

Even old cynics like myself need a sweet love song or two and they don’t get much more perfect than this one. Every time I hear it I’m blown away again by how timeless and classic it sounds.

5) Kacey Musgraves – Space Cowboy

Kacey has my heart, no matter what direction her music goes in. Sometimes when a horse wants to run there’s no sense in closing the gate. She sums up love (and maybe even her country music career) in this slow burn of a song.

6) Neko Case – Bad Luck

I love Neko’s new album and this song is such a stand out. Bad luck never sounded so joyful.

7) Tracyanne & Danny – Alabama

This is such a touching and surprisingly happy celebration of a lost friend, it’s hard to listen without welling up.

8) Janelle Monae – Screwed

Best pop song of the year, no question. Also just hilarious and so, so true.

9) Courtney Patton – What It’s Like To Fly Alone (Hawk Song)

To me this is the best country song of the year – using an unexpected encounter with a hawk to bring to life themes of loneliness, solitude and strength.

10) Anna Burch – Tea Soaked Letter

A sarcastic slice of indie pop which already feels like a classic.

Listen and follow my Spotify playlist below, which features these songs and all my other favourites of the year so far.

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