Album Review: Lydia Loveless – Daughter

After going through personal and professional divorces, Lydia Loveless returns with her new album ‘Daughter’. Change becomes her, allowing for her world weary voice to echo bruised truths in the listeners ears. There will be no miracle rebirth or transformation here. Instead she knows that to move forward in life is to understand yourself for better, or worse.

The songs sound lived in from the start with Dead Writer an uncomfortable look at the myth of the artist. Drinking causes endless problems, leads us down the path to hell. Eventually she pours the booze down the drain, wondering what the point of all the misery and gin was for. Death is not the answer, she knows that if nothing else.

On ‘Love is Not Enough’ she is sick of living in a rut, assessing her crumbling relationship with a resigned sigh. The divorce is finalised on ‘Wringer’, and the stinger is that it’s not just marriages which fall apart.

There’s a darker edge to Can’t Think, turning in on itself. Why can’t I close the door and let the work be the reward she sings, exploring the artist’s eternal dilemma. Say My Name is about loneliness and searching for that connection.

Never has an an eighties pop feel, as Loveless heard the chorus sung in her head in the voice of George Michael. That might sound weird but it is the weirdness which makes it a really fucking cool and original song.

The title track is full of hurt and regret, asking her ex ‘if I gave you a Daughter would it be enough’. Even though she knows the answer she can’t help going over old wounds. When You’re Gone admits there will be no healing after suffering. It’s a song about suicide, death, fear. She accepts that we don’t have any control of others, or even of ourselves sometimes.

September is so beautifully sad, played on a piano with the help of Laura Jane Grace on backing vocals. The album ends with Don’t Bother Mountain, a haunting and dreamy exploration of change.

On the cover picture Loveless’s face triplicates, with flowers growing out of the cracks. Daughter blooms with sadness and strength in every song.


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