Album Review: Natalia Lafourcade – De Todas Las Flores

In her first album of new music since the career defining exploration of her musical heritage that was Musas Vol 1 & 2 and her passion project Un Canto Por Mexico Vol 1 & Volume 2, Natalia Lafourcade cements her status as one of the most vital voices in Latin roots music.

Across De Todas Las Flores she takes the folk traditions she’s learned from and spins them in intricate and intimate new ways, adding orchestral flourishes to create an elegant and understated sound.

‘Vine Solita’ is an acceptance of loneliness, a reminder we are all alone one way or another.

‘El Lugar Correcto’ and ‘Maria the Healer’ are songs about recovery, taking your time to connect with nature.

‘PAJARITO COLIBRÍ’ is the song for a hummingbird, the instruments made to sound like the beating wings of the tiny, fragile bird.

‘Muerte’ is joy, almost spoken word at times before becoming a celebration of life. David Byrne joined her on stage recently to sing and dance along with this one.

‘Canta le arena’ is a soothing instrumental swoon. Final track ‘Nicolas’ is a sweet strum of beauty, a quiet celebration of the life of her nephew who died. She said of the song:

“It is a hymn to life and a reminder of how finite it is and how important it is to take care of ourselves in the nest while remembering and celebrating those who are no longer here.”

In her past work her muses were the musicians of Latin America, her roots in sound. Here her muses are in the world around her, the pandemic allowing her time to slow down and find the melodies in Mother Nature herself.

DE TODAS LAS FLORES is a beautiful and timeless masterclass in Mexican music.


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